Anyone Can Garden


Most people buy produce from a grocery store without thinking about where it came from. Tons of produce are imported from other countries using large amounts of fossil fuel energy to get it to your store. Even the produce raised … Continue reading

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The Importance of Waste Management


Archeological evidence tells us humans had a way of managing their waste even before landfills and incinerators were developed. In many archeological sites, dumping pits were discovered where early civilizations were believed to have collected their waste. In the course … Continue reading

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Ecosystem Unbalanced By GM Corn


Genetically Modified (GM) foods may have been found to have an impact on human health although the final decision is not in yet. However, GM plants have been found growing in the wild and a new study now finds the … Continue reading

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Passive Solar Heating While Raising Fresh Organic Produce


Many people are searching for ways to go green, save energy and money, and to live healthier. By building a lean-to style greenhouse onto your home, you can take advantage of the sun’s rays to grow fresh, organic vegetables and … Continue reading

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Mastering the Carbon Cycle: Waste to Usable Soil


Man has been controlling the direction of the planet’s evolution whether intentional or not since the beginning of his creation. The carbon cycle which is tied to the weather is affecting global warming. This warm stability in climate has over … Continue reading

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Backup Power with a Home Generator: Things You Should Know


We are so accustomed to our way of life that it can be a real hardship to lose power at home. Many businesses have installed permanent back-up generators so they may continue operating even during a power outage. Homeowners that … Continue reading

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Promoting Environmental Conservation By Natural Homestead Living


In our world today, we have come to a crossroads where decisions have to be made. No longer can we afford to sit back and hope the government will fix everything. Even if they could, the political machinery moves too … Continue reading

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Endangered Pallid Sturgeon Shows Signs of Hope


The Pallid sturgeon (Scaphirhynchus albus) is a ray-finned fish and is one of our many endangered species. It is found in the waters of the Missouri and lower Mississippi River basins of the United States. Its pale coloration gives rise … Continue reading

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Endangered Whooping Cranes ‘Learning’ To Migrate


Whooping Cranes are named for their unique calls. They are America’s tallest birds standing at four to five feet tall. These birds have a very energy-efficient style of gliding. They ride upwelling currents of warmed air and then drift back … Continue reading

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Recycle Cardboard and Newspaper As Garden Mulch


You can turn a space into a garden plot, simply by utilizing a blanket of cardboard and/or newspaper. Yes, cardboard along with a thick layer of shredded mulch will do the tilling for you (You may also add and/or substitute … Continue reading

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