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Most people buy produce from a grocery store without thinking about where it came from. Tons of produce are imported from other countries using large amounts of fossil fuel energy to get it to your store.

Even the produce raised in the United States is trucked hundreds of miles before reaching a distribution center to be sent out to your grocery store. You do have alternatives to purchasing all your produce or herbs from the grocery stores. Even if you are not a avid gardener or if you live in the city, there are ways to grow some fresh herbs and produce easily and inexpensively.

Many herbs and fresh vegetables can be grown in pots or hydroponically allowing you to enjoy the fresh flavor and the satisfaction of knowing you grew it yourself while saving money and energy. Window gardens can produce a wide array of herbs or small leaf lettuces without taking up much room or time.

Container gardens are also an option for those with limited space or little to no yard. The containers with your fresh herbs can also be brought inside to prolong your growing season.

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